Monday, 29 June 2009

Looking at some of the causes of my lymphoma

No one knows exactly what causes lymphoma but certain conditions and situations make it worse - including stress, particularly where you have no control about the outcomes.  When some of us lost our jobs when our school closed in such sad circumstances, trying to build our lives again was difficult.

My colleague and I gradually built up part time work but it took her five years and me six years to get back into full-time employment.  As I had slightly younger children at independent schools this was a financially stressful time.


I often wonder how my health would have been if I had ignored the invitation to attend a mobile breast screening service about which my GP was very enthusiastic.  Nowadays radical operations are not usually performed for in situ ductile carcenoma but then surgeons were very keen on 19th century solutions to 20th century diagnoses.  The surgery also significantly involved the removal of lymph glands and two reconstructive operations after which I suffered from MRSA on both occasions.


I had been fit and well before the diagnosis; nothing was wrong.  Because I did not want the reconstruction operations filmed by TV, I was unable to have these under the National Health – another story – and paying for surgery and the doubling of my life insurance added another financial burden but I do wonder whether the surgery and infections had a part to play in my later lymphoma.



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