Monday, 20 July 2009


 This week I have another blast of bendamustine to try to get me into full remission in order to have a bone marrow transplant.  It can be tough but I think there are much tougher times to come. Ultimately I owe being able to keep a sense of perspective and humour to good friends, relatives and my wonderful husband, son and daughter

During my first bout of lymphoma in 2007, good friends rallied round and gave support and encouragement.  I was surprised how much I appreciated things like cards.

Some people were a little dismissive of the condition perhaps because they did not know much about the illness or assumed all lymphomas are the same and are curable.  I have to confess I knew very little before I was diagnosed.  Many did not realise that my kind of lymphoma was incurable.  

Remission after very tough chemo is particularly sweet.  Gradually after chemo I grew stronger and my immune system returned to normal.  It was great to be able to travel again and go to France where we have many wonderful friends.  Something we had planned when I was at my lowest was a trip to New York and that was fantastic!


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