Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Remembering Bar Harbor, USA, 2008

Today I am a little down as my platelets have dropped and I can’t have my scheduled chemo.  Until I get into complete remission I cannot go into the bubble for the bone marrow transplant.

However, not everything about illness is sad or depressing.  Vulnerability can mean that people who think you are fortunate or independent can find an opportunity to be helpful and supportive. Last year's trips to Europe, Canada and the USA with Raymond were an absolute tonic.

In May 2007 my daughter returned from her degree and Master’s studies to our home.  She has a separate flat in our house and it was wonderful to have her support and sense of fun during my first cycle of chemo, and since.  Next week she is taking me to Ireland which will be just the rest and relaxation we need.

During the illness of one person, the family suffer so much as they need to hide their emotions to bolster up the sufferer.  Their freedom of movement is also restricted but I have found that we now really say what we truly mean and it has been an opportunity to express our real feelings for each other.  If I do not survive The Bubble, my husband, son and daughter will never have any cause to regret all they have done for me.

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