Thursday, 18 June 2009


Very early in the morning yesterday we saw a doe and a very, very young fawn in the garden - probably about two days old.  They are shy creatures but often seem to emerge when we are having problems, when I am ill or when my husband has concerns.  Yesterday we went to see his barrister about the accident he suffered nearly three years ago.  It was obviously a good portent as the meeting really went well.

I am hoping that the case does not coincide with the time when I will be in The Bubble as I think he needs support from all of us.  At the moment everything about the future is uncertain but before I have the transplant I am going to investigate a number of things including my past and the possible causes of my illness.

The information I have on this is sparse.  I know there could be environmental causes as the condition is increasing.  It could be genetic but mantle cell lymphoma is rare in men and even rarer in women.  How I’d love to have something dead common into which there had been more research and a greater chance of survival!  

I’m left with the possible causes being previous surgery for cancer or infection plus – and this comes from personal observation and reading other people’s blogs – stress as a contributory factor.  So that is where I am going to start looking


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