Saturday, 20 June 2009

Midsummer - looking back

It’s very strange how when life seems very challenging, unexpected things happen and out of the blue people offer to help in ways we don’t anticipate.  I find it difficult to be down for long because of this.

I don’t think stress alone causes cancer but it can be a trigger – not necessarily the stress itself but how we have to deal with it and how long it goes on.  Like most people I had some stressful periods earlier in my life with bereavement, relationships and money or lack of it.  However, sometimes the most stressful things are those where you feel powerless to act.

Perhaps the first of these in recent years was when the closure of a school where I was happily working was handled very, very badly.  A convent school should be a good place to work and the one in which I taught was old-fashioned and quirky.  The teaching staff were mainly lay people of a high calibre and hard-working.

The convent itself was gradually running down and the school had been at some stage an orphanage.  It should have been a warning to us the way the institution had metamorphosed over the years but we enjoyed our work and thought the nuns genuinely cared about the girls and that the future would be secure. We were wrong.
















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