Saturday, 6 March 2010

Snatching undrugged moments

I am attached to a drip most of the day and night but today I have a short break. All the time I am attached, the drugs combine to make me feel very sleepy and I keep catching short bursts of sleep, then waking up. The time goes so slowly.

Obviously when attached, I can't use the computer or even change DVDs, even if I had the concentration so perhaps sleep is the only option. I am trying to curb the nausea and headaches today. It is difficult to choose what to eat and even more difficult to know what to drink. Fluids in and out are measured so if you don't drink enough you are hooked up to special hydration during the night! There is no escape.

Having had platelets yesterday, my blood counts have very slightly risen. They will remain horrifically low (as everyone else's does) for another 10 days after which they should start to pick up. I shall be prone to even the slightest infections - even from myself but this is normal.

Ray went to see my mother yesterday which I was pleased about. I am sending her little cards most days to keep her updated as otherwise I know she worries. Anna and Dave came in with lots of gifts and it was lovely to see them. Jonathan came in later too. He didn't seem to worry about my dropping off and he keeps me supplied with all I need.

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