Friday, 26 March 2010

I knew it would be difficult but ....

Two nights ago I had a vivid dream about my mother. The next day she was taken into hospital, possibly with jaundice but they are doing a CT scan today. She is stone deaf so I'm not sure how they are going to do it. Anna stayed with her at the hospital and was very good as usual. She has had to go so many times in the last year or so since I have been ill. What horrified them both is that my mother aged 96 was put in a MIXED Ward!

I have suggested to Jonathan and Anna that as soon as they have sufficient money they join BUPA. Obviously it is very worrying not being there but she is in good spirits thank goodness.

I haven't been very well for the past few days. I have had nausea and I am sleepy most of the time. It doesn't matter what you read about transplants or what you are told, nothing prepares you for it. Being isolated here while my little mother is in hospital is very difficult as I feel I should be there, not only that I want to be there for her.

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