Friday, 5 March 2010

New Me

Yesterday should have been exciting with the transfusion of stem cells. Mentally it was exciting but unfortunately, the anti-rejection drug I have twice daily doesn't agree with me at all. I was on the drip for 24 hours, nausea, headaches - you name it I had it.

I am a little better today. They are putting in the anti-rejection drug much more slowly to prevent the severe symptomns but it does mean being tied up to a drip night and day. I just have this tiny break now to get to the computer. I have had an infusion of platelets as yesterday my eyes became very bloodshot.

Now the blood counts will become very important, with different infusions of blood and platelets coming in to hold up the system. Trying to keep this precarious balance is amazing. When I'm on a drip I don't have the concentration to read or watch television, so I tend to doze - night and day. Days are very, very long!

Today I shall be progressing towards my new DNA and new blood group. The balance between our physical and mental wellbeing is very acute. It is so easy to become overwhelmed. Ray spent 4 days with me this week, staying with Jonathan at night. He has gone back today to run the business and catch up with home life. He is coming back tomorrow. Jonathan and Josie are so glad he doesn't have to do a long train journey twice a day. The family are all keeping in touch with messages and phone calls. I just feel guilty that sometimes I am too ill to talk properly.

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