Friday, 19 March 2010

Beginning to improve

I had a difficult time during and just after the transplant and for several days my white blood cell count was 0.0. This is normal after the procedure and it normally takes 7 to 14 days to start to climb. The magic figure which proves engraftment has taken place is 1.0.

For 5 days now my cell count has been above 1.0 so I am allowed out of the room to take a stroll down the corridor - not very exciting you might think, unless you have been confined to one romm for 3 weeks. This all means that my new bone marow is making its way into the larger bones and is taking over my old bone marrow in order to fight infection.

For many days I had all the maladies which are associated with chemo and transplants but I am largely through these. I may still get graft -v- host disease where the body rejects the transplant but this is expected and I am now on tablets to fight possible rejection.

Being on tablets is such a bonus. For many days I was linked up to the drip from morning to night so I couldn't use the computer and spent all that time in or on the bed. In addition I have been on oxygen which again ties you to a specific part of the room. Now I am beginning to have a little time without oxygen. Actually, if this problem is solved I may be able to go home at the beginning of next week.

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