Thursday, 5 November 2009

Now is a waiting game

Now is a waiting game. I am waiting for the results of the PET scan but I am also waiting to see what will be done to eradicate my other health problems so that, if I am in remission, the bone marrow transplant can go ahead. When we were at the hospital on Monday Ray delivered letters to the Bone Marrow Transplant Consultant and my oncologist. Unfortunately my oncologist is on holiday this week but someone is needed to co-ordinate the ENT treatment.

So far I have been trying to do what I can with diet, nasal sprays etc. but a more powerful approach will be needed if I am to meet the deadline. I am also worried about the number of scans I have had already and will have this year.

Although physically I am quite weak, mentally I am feeling a little better. Constant chemo has a serious effect on my concentration, vocabulary and memory – both short and long term and all this can be quite frightening.

Last Friday I wasn’t feeling too good and I was lying on the sofa when the skeletons arrived. No, this isn’t the chemo talking. Two skeletons arrived for my daughter, Anna. She is a forensic archaeologist and needed them for teaching. A friend of hers runs a museum and these were left after a Red Cross Exhibit. The Red Cross no longer wanted them and Anna’s friend had had them sitting in his office for some months.

As I looked across I had this surreal vision of a skeleton sitting in the red leather armchair I usually use – very comfortable in front of the log fire so I hope this was not an omen. Anna was beside herself with delight. The other skeleton was in pieces but it seemed to have two right arms and wasn’t that an extra pelvis?

They could be a good burglar deterrent if we go away on holiday in the future.

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