Saturday, 7 November 2009

Filling in the time

Tuesday was pentamidine day. It was also the day the central heating boiler broke down. Fortunately, the engineers arrived early, diagnosed the problem and fixed it so we set off for the hospital in good time. Unfortunately, it was raining and the roads near the hospital were gridlocked – parking is a very real problem, particularly when it’s wet. Ray dropped me off and spent the next half hour circling round to find a parking spot.

When I arrived, the pentamidine room was still occupied; they were running late as they had been held up by the pharmacy – probably one or two pharmacists spent hours traversing the city to find a way in. Eventually, it was my turn. If I could put the apparatus together myself I could go in; if not I would have to wait another 40 minutes for the fumes to clear so a nurse could enter the room.

The diagram was not the best but I managed to put it together and put the first drug in and connect it up. Unfortunately, as I have nasal congestion the whole thing was something of a farce. When I came to put the second drug in the apparatus had come apart and had to be cobbled together. I am always very shaky after the pentamidine so we had a delicious (!) lunch at the hospital to allow me time to recover.

Today brought news of the health checks I shall need before the transplant can go ahead. Although it looks daunting it somehow brings it all much closer.

Ray is desperately trying to fill the time before the PET scan results next Wednesday. He collected some topsoil from someone in the village and is redoing the flowerbeds by the front door – and he’s not a gardener. He’s even been seen sweeping up leaves ….

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