Thursday, 3 December 2009

Quality control

This week has been a real mixture of emotions for me. Too many hospital appointments of course. Getting marked up for radiotherapy was an experience. I was talked down to by one radiographer as if I was ga-ga and after it was all over I was handed some else’s schedule of appointments. I came home brimming with confidence. However, that’s the last hospital appointment for this week.

The GP who was supposed to be ringing my oncologist to talk over with him the delays in my treatment by the bone marrow clinic obviously chickened out as Ray got a long spiel about people being on holiday etc. Where is quality control when it comes to healthcare?

We did enjoy going out on Wednesday evening and seeing quite a few people we knew and today it hasn’t been raining, cold but I don’t mind that as we have a lovely log fire and an AGA in the kitchen.

We had a real boost to our morale yesterday evening. An email arrived from our solicitor that Ray is to get an interim payment in the case he is bringing against Biffa for the injuries he received when one of their lorries collided with him. The other side have been quite difficult and miserly up to now but it would seem this solicitor has a lot more get up and go. Ray is really relieved.

A few months ago I was able to get in touch with a cousin in Canada whom I haven’t seen for years. She is about the same age as I am and it has been so good to get to know her as she emigrated as a young child. This year has been very poignant as far as family relationships are concerned. I really felt, on discovering my donor conception, that I had lost half of my family. Unless you have been in that position, I am sorry, but you can’t understand. That is why it has been so good developing a friendship with a maternal cousin.

I can’t begin to explain how wonderful it has been to receive support. It is the only way to get through this.

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  1. I was a recurrent sperm donor as a medical student (USA) in the 1950's. Our profiles (height weight eye color IQ interests etc) were availbale to the soon to be parents. Problems such as yours were not problems then for scientific reasons. One day in the 1980's I watched a Phil Donohue program in which the
    discussion was about sperm donors and "who is my father." The young woman could have been my daughter because she looked like my daughter. I did not inquire further as to linking up with the program and have regretted not doing so. If I were to be faced with that situation now I would volunteer the information in a heart beat. I wish you good health again and I certainly can identify with your dilemma.