Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Battle plans

I think this is the longest I have taken time out between blogs since going to Ireland in July. I have been having problems with the internet and today we had a power cut. I keep making typing errors because my fingers are cold.

The last ten days have seen a few changes of fortune and I have had a few contacts from people which have really lifted my spirits. It seems as if just as the weather turns darker and colder we have been warmed by the good wishes from other people.

We have been battling on all fronts lately but it seems that we have won a few people to our side so that although the fights must continue, we are winning support. Certainly Ray will feel happier when the interim payment comes from the Biffa side as it will take away some of his worries. It means that if we do decide to go to the Royal Marsden we shall be able to cope financially.

When I thought I was going to have the transplant in early December I hurriedly did what I could in preparation for Christmas. The following weeks were a blur of visits to various hospitals, scans and seeing consultants so I just sat on things for a while. Now I realise Christmas is close and I still have some presents to buy. I have another small window for my preparations before starting radiotherapy next Monday.

Fortunately there is only one hospital visit this week but it is the Royal Marsden and this is crucial as so much depends on it. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else right now as I go through the questions in my mind that we must be sure to ask. Whether it is because I am feeling better as the effects of the chemotherapy wear off, or if it is because others perceive me as looking better, or whether things really are turning a corner for the better, I am feeling more optimistic. There is an almighty battle to face in 2010 but if any family is going to cope it is ours.

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