Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Who was the daddy?

This blog is principally about my Journey into the Bubble, how I think I got lymphoma and discoveries along the way. Today I went to the bone marrow clinic and got an update. I even saw the outside of the Bubbles themselves. It is daunting but also exciting and I now feel much more motivated. It looks as if I shall enter the Bubble either later this year or more probably the beginning of next year. Things are definitely looking more hopeful which lifts my mood - particularly compared to the despair I felt earlier as to whether a donor would ever be found.

However, the discoveries I made about my conception have not only changed my attitudes to myself and my family but have posed tremendous challenges. I know of people in my position who have made enormous efforts to track down their parents and siblings often against the odds. Although the challenges I face now and in the future are rather different, this world of donor conception is one which poses a lot of questions and I think my thoughts will return here from time to time.

The origins of donor conception are both scientifically exciting and rather murky. If most sperm donations were from students, donor offspring should in all likelihood be intelligent - a parent's dream. Certainly the lists of DI adults who are active in this field would indicate this. It is also likely that potential parents would be reasonably intelligent regardless of any possible genetic engineering, simply because of the cost of the treatment. Appearance might be another matter and in recent years some fertility doctors have acknowledged that they regularly supplied sperm themselves and potentially fathered hundreds of children. Was this why parents were instructed to tell no one? Is there one gigantic cover-up?

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