Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The promise of the rainbow

Today I feel stronger for two reasons. The results of my CT scan show that at long last my chemo really is working and, in addition, I’ve just come back from spending a very happy few days with my daughter who arranged a lovely restful break for us in Ireland. When you have children of your own you start to evaluate your own childhood and in particular your family background, not only to understand more about yourself but also to understand whom your children resemble.

When I was told that my DNA was “odd”, it was a great upset as I had always felt very secure in my background. My parents were loving and their marriage was happy. I knew that I looked more like my mother’s family than my father’s and that my mannerisms and expressions resembled theirs.

The Watsons were all very alike and my cousins look more like my sisters. I have always felt a very instinctive feeling of family with them. My father always used to joke about the excitement in the air when the Watsons all got together and my daughter commented on how alike our voices are. My grandparents had come from Glasgow to England, they had worked hard and their children proved to be successful in life. I know that my paternal grandmother really loved my mother and hoped that she would marry my father as they were such a perfect foil for each other. So what was “odd” about my background?

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