Saturday, 8 August 2009

Return from holiday

It has been wonderful having a respite from some of the ongoing problems during our holiday in Ireland. Raymond's case has taken over three years now and continues to add stress to all our lives. I was disappointed that my platelet count was still low and I could not have chemotherapy as I desperately want to get into remission in order to have the bone marrow transplant.

The break away was very much needed and it meant going somewhere quite new and peaceful. We couldn't take all the long walks we planned as Anna had hurt her foot badly but we still got out and about even in the rain. The views of Lough Currane from out of the cottage window were stunning as the landscape was constantly changing.

The pictures will stay in my head always and are wonderful fuel to give energy for the difficult times ahead. Shortly I go to see the staff at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit for their advice about what happens next. As they have lined up a donor for me in Germany they will, no doubt, not want to hang around. I was very lucky to find a donor at all because much to my surprise, after my DNA was taken, I was told that they were having trouble finding a match for me as my DNA was "odd". This sounded warning bells in my ears and led to some surprising discoveries.

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