Saturday, 2 April 2011

Steering clear of the shops

Yesterday I was very tired but the day was cheered up by a visit from Margaret.  She came to give me communion and we had a really good, long chat afterwards.

Raymond has been running an advanced portraiture course over two days, yesterday and today.  He doesn’t normally run two courses quite so close together so he is a little tired.  We have a few things to do before 9.30 when the session starts as I am not sure of the wisdom of mixing with people in shops when I have fluid on my lung which could perhaps turn to pneumonia.

I had hoped to see my mother today; I can’t visit her at St Elizabeth’s so she usually comes here these days.  I didn’t think I would be strong enough to help her in and out of the Jeep so I thought a taxi would be the answer.  Unfortunately, she is feeling a little sick which I assume is all part of the trouble that they are planning to alleviate by the procedure on Tuesday.

We had another update from Jonathan in which he explained that he and his team are scouting for locations suitable for filming in Chile.  It is great being able to hear from him with the immediacy of modern communications.

Ray’s course is just drawing to a close and it seems to have been successful.  I got out the picnic basket ready for tomorrow as we hope to go to Marlborough to see Anna.  As I can’t get to the shops she is buying all the food so it won’t just be pork pies as it might be if left to Raymond.  I am looking forward to seeing her but I shall miss my son on Mothering Sunday.

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