Monday, 4 April 2011

Mothering Sunday

By Saturday evening my mother was back in hospital with the same problems as before.  When I rang this morning the medical staff can’t seem to make any commitment about doing anything; they just wait until the worst of the pain has gone, then send her back to the rest home.  I had words with the sister this morning about this but there is perhaps a hidden age agenda in all this.  We are all finding the lack of action very stressful.

Anna has been staying with Dave and his parents in a village outside Marlborough while she has been attending a course.  As she was then returning to North Wales it made more sense for us to go to her.  We supplied the picnic basket which is always ready with everything we need, Anna supplied all the food and Dave’s parents supplied a table and chairs.  Even though it was warm I sat in the front of the car.  Anna had chosen lovely specialities which she knew all three of us would really like.

We found a lovely location in the Savernake Forest where, with the benefit of the Jeep, we were able to go off road.  Many of the trees are hundreds of years old and the sunlight on the new leaf and spring flowers was beautiful.  We had a really memorable day.

I feel sad that I wasn’t able to see my mother in person on Mothering Sunday and I missed Jonathan but, of course, we are receiving regular messages and also some photographs.

I have very little energy at the moment and had visits from two nurses.  At the moment most of it is talk; we shall have to see how effective the palliative care really can be now.

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